Friday 20 May 2011

Where will you be at 5pm on Monday 23, 2011?

STOP and HOOT for 5 minutes at 5pm starting Monday 

A friend shared these thoughts, please share them with your friends.  If you own a car, join a team.  If you don't own a car find a ride, jump onto a boda-boda or simply walk and bring your whistle or vuvuzela along.  Have a team of 3-5 cars/boda-bodas/bicycles or 2x2 and arrive at an agreed spot at exactly 5 pm.  Stop and hoot to the beat of three words: We-Want-Change, We -Want-Change. Use Sunday to scout for a route where you will make most impact; agree on the exact spot where action will take place.  You can arrive at your spot in a convoy or from different directions.  Remember this will be a daily activity so keep identifying new spots for your activity.  

Be Bold.  Choose a leader for your team to coordinate movements.  Agree on a lead and rear car/boda-boda etc, go through all details including identifying cars, drivers, noise makers, etc...

There will be other activists around town doing what you are doing.  You are not alone and do not abandon this activity to other activists on the other side of town otherwise it will be very quiet in Kampala on Monday at 5pm.  Rely first on yourself and your team and remember we are all in this together.

If all fails stand in your front yard/verandah and bang a hole in that old saucepan.

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  1. Thats great. Ssali Isaac Councillor Nabweru North.