Wednesday 18 May 2011

Walk to Work May 19, 2011

This morning Kizza Besigye's day started with meeting the press at his house.  At about 8:35 am he got in his vehicle heading to work but only managed to get as far as the junction at the end of his private property.  He was unable to access the public road because he was blocked by police.   He was not attempting to walk but rather he was being driven in a vehicle.  The police operation was led by Asst Supt of Police Rweza - OC Kiira Road and a second senior police officer whom Kizza Besigye says he was not able to identify.

Rweza told Besigye, that police had information that there would be a breach of peace if Besigye left his farm and therefore he would not be allowed to leave.  Kizza Besigye asked the police officer to explain what information the police had that supported their claim but he was not given an explanation.  Besigye then asked if he was under arrest and Rweza responded that indeed he was under 'preventive arrest.'

Immediately thereafter Besigye's car was surrounded by police constables who also pushed away journalists to remove them from the scene.  Kizza Besigye's driver then reversed their vehicle and returned to the farm.  Earlier Kizza Besigye's aide Sam Mugumya reported that every access road to Kizza Besigye's farm was sealed off by Police and there were approximately 30 vehicles deployed to ensure KB did not leave the farm.

Kizza Besigye has asked his lawyers to investigate whether the circumstances under which he was detained were lawful and if he could be lawfully restrained from leaving his home through 'preventive arrest' which means that he is unable to carry on his usual business.

Anne Mugisha

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  1. Kizza Besigye is Nelson Mandela period.