Thursday 19 May 2011


Join The Fun at A4C and HOOT 4 Change

When:   Every day starting Monday 23rd May, 2011

At:   5:00 PM

Up to:   5:05PM

Where:   Anywhere (literally)

Do What:   Blast your horn! Yes, Hoot! Blow your whistle or Vuvuzela! Play your trumpet or siren! Bang your saucepan or kettle! Blow that kazoo or your flute! And if all fails ‘Shout out Loud’ for your government to hear our voices! ‘We want Change’ ‘We want lower taxes, lower prices on all essential foods and fuel.’  And if the government cannot deliver:  They must quit!  We will shout and demand for change even if they dye us PINK

So What? So go ahead and make some noise for 5 minutes every day at 5:00pm starting Monday!

Go Hooters!


  1. I think this is a good idea we shall be there always