Saturday 28 May 2011

Walk to Parliament - Press Release



“The Walk to Parliament on Monday”
28th May 2011

We would like to appreciate the entire general public for participating in the second campaign that was announced by A4C a week ago, to complement the Walk to Work campaign. The drive-ride & hoot campaign that has run for the last 5 days has been immensely supported by Ugandans from all shades of political opinion. The key pillar on which A4C wishes to anchor the values of our country; is that we have a national obligation at all times as Ugandans to hold our leaders accountable.

The Walk to Work campaign is still on every Monday and Thursday for Ugandans to express their dissatisfaction with conduct of affairs of the state by the regime in power, especially neglecting the welfare of the common man. Take for instance the escalating prices of petroleum products.  Government's instrasigence and refusal to reduce taxes on fuel is a major reason ordinary Ugandans sleep and live in the dark both in towns and the country side. And while crude oil prices have gone down on the world market, the government of Uganda has not reciprocated by compelling dealers to reduce pump prices.

In the face of  government's blatant refusal to respond plausibly to the people's demands, the Walk to Work campaign will continue on the indicated days, and the drive-ride and hoot campaign will resume at the same time Monday to Friday, until government offers an acceptable response to the demands of our people. We implore Ugandans to remain firm in the face of police intimidation and brutality. It is only then that our quest for a free and just society will be realized.

Activists 4 Change stands in solidarity with all Ugandans who are outraged by the news that Parliament seeks to increase their emoluments in the face of rising inflation.  Reports in the mainstream media indicate that an unholy alliance between some opposition MPs and some ruling party MPs put forward these offending proposals after throwing the media out of Parliament, blacking out television coverage and suspending formal recording of proceedings in the Hansard.   It is further reported that in this blacked-out session, MP’s prioritized their personal concerns including:

·         Softer loans and tax free luxury vehicles for themselves;
·         Advance payments of up to UGX 50 million each to cushion themselves from high interest rates that the rest of Ugandans pay to get a bank loan. 
·         An increase in their pay checks to buffer themselves from double digit inflation.

We do not believe that any one seeking an advance pay from their employer requires the sitting of entire organization like MPs did last Thursday.  Nor was there justification for MPs to hide behind the curtain of parliament to have their way at the expense of the rest of the country.  We commend the Hon. Nandala Mafabi for rejecting the proposed luxuries to his office by government and his continued insistence that public good be served.

If these reports are accurate, then it appears that MPs have prioritized their personal concerns ahead of those of their constituents in a very selfish and greedy manner.  All Ugandans are affected by inflation, high interest rates and taxes.  We send leaders to Parliament to address concerns that affect us all and not to sit behind closed doors and improve their personal welfare through lavish spending of public funds at our cost.  These reports have cast a dark shadow over the August House at a time when government has failed to offer meaningful solutions to address soaring fuel and food prices affecting constituents.

Activists for Change calls on all concerned Ugandans to peacefully ‘Walk to Parliament’ on Monday 30th May, 2011, and express their discontent directly to their representatives. It is the duty of every citizen to ensure that our MPs do not add to the burden and agony that citizens are already suffering due to an unresponsive government.

As a country, it is only the commonness of purpose that shall yield dividends befitting  a people pursuing a common destiny

For God and my Country

Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba
National Coordinator


  1. thanks for the good work. this is what we surelly call holding our leaders accountable. accurate reporting, no misinformation, and the ugandan people come first. its for God and my country not for God and my stomach/my family/my bussiness/my party/myself/etc.
    peter apuuli

  2. I happy that Ugandans 's decided to hack the root of Museveni's dictatorship. One thing I want you to know is that the British government cannot act anyhow. They are waiting for us to cross the river and burn our boats; show them that we are read and determined to push for the change we are calling for. We cannot cough for one second and expect the British government to jump to our rescue, we have to be consistent and show a wealth of determination. I was not happy for the past two weeks because there was no walking to work and no reporting of any serious actions--to win the ball game we have to be relentless and that will give us a case to push and something to shout about. So let us keep the fire burning.
    Thanks to all those who took part in the walk to work protest and to my dear brothers and sisters who lost their lives in the struggle. May the power of life give them eternal rest.

  3. Thanks very much for all the efforts you are making to ensure that the voiceless can be heard. I would, however, like to appeal to A4C not to limit itself to fuel and commodity prices. Government must explain why we have no drugs in hospitals; why our children cannot access public universities such as Makerere because of exorbitant fees; why our graduates cannot get jobs despite being a drop in the ocean; and what our taxes do because I understand that 30% of my income is taken by the government; 18% of my expenditure is also taken plus a host of other taxes. And by the way, we are these people's employers. Since when has an employee ever awarded themselves a salary. The status-quo must change.

    Human rights defender

  4. Now this is where we find ourselves when everyone embraces the selfish notion of 'we fought so we deserve to be rewarded...It is rather sad that our country finds itself entangled by all this selfishness. Come Monday, 30th, I will be there. How I wish we could also come up with badges reading, 'I participated in holding our leaders accountable' so that we make a firm statement.