Friday 8 April 2011

Activists For Change - A4C

Activists for Change - A4C, is a nonviolent and peaceful platform for democratic change in Uganda.  We act within our constitutional rights and responsibilities.  We are guided by the desire of the majority of Ugandans to exercise their democratic right to elect a government of their choice.  Political leaders, activists and civil society will act together to implement programs in a non-partisan space in order to raise awareness of ordinary Ugandans to their rights, responsibilities and duties as citizens.

In order to effect democratic change of government we will mobilize the masses and set in motion a process to remove obstacles to free and fair elections through peacefully dismantling pillars of the authoritarian regime and erecting the pillars of democratic rule. 


  1. Just because we choose non-violence does not mean that the state will want to engage us on the same terms. We should expect General Museveni and his survival machinery to use violence - every time. If we have this expectation we shall not be disappointed or dismayed. We shall stand strong because we know what to expect and how to deal with it - peacefully.

  2. Uganda only needs a leader who can see today, remember yesterday and plan for tomorrow..our leaders only see today, they have forgotten the promises they made to this country and our grand fathers..they have lost their spirit of compassion and concern..they have forgotten the poor ugandans,They have lost their senses of shame,they have forgotten their age,they have defiled the pearl of Africa..have..For how long shall we wait, for how long shall we hope,for how long shall we sit and look while our brothers cry,starve,slim and die. for how long shall we cry...And for how long shall we wait for the saviour? And is he that can't be us....Its Act and to see a change for the beloved country.

  3. WE shall continue in the support for non violent means of removing dictator museveni and he is now too tired to lead this country