Wednesday 11 January 2012

Legal Representation for W2W Activists

Dear friends,

Happy New Year!  I hope you are all fine and looking forward to a year filled with promise and hope for further activism for public accountability and democratization in Uganda.  We welcome all your ideas and counseling on the way towards realizing responsible and responsive government in our beloved country.  In everything we do we emphasize peaceful solutions to our political, social and economic dilemma.

This year W2W Week activists who were arrested in October and released on bail will be appearing in courts around the country to answer to charges ranging from treason to illegal assembly.  We are calling on all lawyers who are dedicated to the cause of rule of law and human rights to respond to this need for legal representation by providing pro bono services.  We are always thankful for your generosity and sacrifices.

We are currently working with several lawyers to create a roster to guide participation in these cases.  Accordingly, I would like to request you to submit the following information via email, phone call or text message.  The email to respond to is and the phone number is 0753-769 302. 

Please provide the following information in your response:

1. Names of those requiring legal representation
2. The courts where they will appear and;
3. The dates for court appearances.

Please note that this information is required urgently as some activists are scheduled to appear early in the year.  Kindly pass on this information to all activists who may need it.

Much obliged,

Anne Mugisha

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