Thursday 18 August 2011

'Light A Candle Campaign' Fundraising Appeal

Dear Friends,

Let me start by thanking each and everyone of you for supporting Activists for Change through dedication to our activities.  A special thanks to those who have gone a step further  to contribute time, ideas, material, financial and moral support to the foot soldiers of our campaigns.  There is no doubt that we are setting the agenda for change for our beloved nation and that is because you have empowered us with your trust, confidence and support.

As you know our current project, 'Light A Candle' campaign is taking us to different regions of the country to remember those who were brutally killed during the Walk to Work campaign of April and May 2011.  Our peaceful activities continue to be met with arrogance, violence and brutality on the part of security forces but we remain focused on implementing our program peacefully nationwide.  With each confrontation we improve our methods of carrying out our peaceful activities.

I am writing to ask for your support for the upcoming regional activities.  We do not pay activists allowances to participate in any of our activities but we do have expenses for organizing each event like hiring Pulic Address Systems (and now we know we may need more than one on standby), travel costs for organizers to event locations, dozens of candles for each event, drinking water and we usually end up with emergency medical and legal expenses as well.  Our activities are 100% supported by individuals at home and abroad.  We have been surprised by people who walk up to us and hand us UGX20,000/= and those who email us and ask to send anywhere from USD$20 to $500 dollars.  Each of these donations is received with humility and gratitude.  The nature of our work is such that even human rights NGOs are afraid to be identified with a group that is increasingly defined as 'terrorists' by the state.  They would risk losing their license if they cooperated with us in anyway.  Those who have given us funding have trusted us after seeing our impact on the ground.  We are nonetheless developing reporting and accounting systems so that people who contribute know exactly how their money is spent.

A4C is making a real difference and their activities are creating waves internationally.  We need funding to continue with our regional activities as scheduled and I would like to invite you to consider making a donation to A4C.  For more information please contact us through our email or through the Facebook inboxes of any of the A4C Group Administrators. 

Yous faithfully

Anne Mugisha
A4C Promoter

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